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inyourlight's Journal

in your light.
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In Your Light: eleven girls post about things they love in their little corner of the world. This community is members only due to downloadable content being posted in the community. Please join & friend us! Our lovely team of posters consists of Brittany, Christina, Julianna, Jo, Mell, Beth, Kirstie, Stephie, Nikoline, Becca, and Cek. Also, comments keep us going, so be sure to drop us a note if you enjoyed something we posted!

If you're trying to figure out what you'll find in this community before you join, take a look out our list below!

& a favorite community
& photography
& recipes
& websites
& blogs
& book & film recommendations/reviews
& fashion trends, photos, or items
& short stories
& poems
& individual songs (and sometimes albums)
& creative mixes
& an occasional, small fashion/stock icon post

If you're interested in affiliating with us, advertising for us, or asking us a question, visit this post and leave a comment or save a banner!